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Since I never wanted to profit from this store, I decided to close my automated storefront in May 2021 due to running out of money for my Shopify fees.

You can still order Stickmen 2020 shirts/hoodies, but it will have to be done through emailing me if you don't mind doing that.

I'll have a proper storefront again when I get back into making videos in 2022. Thank you to everyone who bought something!

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Shirts $9 USD - Hoodies $22 USD
(shipping + tax calculated when you email me. clothes are made to order so no refunds/returns/exchanges. i also don't make money on this unless you optionally leave a tip. direct any more questions/concerns you have via email)

Stickmen 2020 Stitched Design

Stickmen 2020 Printed Design

Assorted Custom Designs (or request a new one!)

Ready to order? (email button to form)